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Hydrastep 2468

Steam & Water Monitoring System

Hydratect 2462

Steam & Water Detection

Hydratect - case study 1

Hydratect -  case study 2

Hydrastep - case study 1

Hydrastep - case study 2

Hydrastep - case study 3

Hydrastep - case study 5

Hydrastep - case study 4

Example of Hydratect 2462 system with the electronics control unit and the horizontal pipe run with mounted electrodes and covers

Control unit &

local display

Optional remote display -

3 types available

Water Column

Designed according

to each installation

Electrodes -

Low & High pressure

options available

Hydrastep-br 2021.pdf Hydratect-br.pdf

Electrode Cable

Hydratect 2462 Control Unit


Electrode Cover

Electrode connection - welded into customers pipework / vessel




Steam / Water Monitoring

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