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PD Flow Meters


Analytical Calibrators Dosing Flow Level LVDT & ADT Mixers Panel Displays Pressure Sludge Control Steam & Water Temperature About Us

P Series

O Series

For use with P, S & T meters

 T Series

S Series

M Series

xV Series

G Series

L Series


VB Barstock Precision Valves - MFV


Kits Designed For The Laboratory

VB Barstock Valves - CV


For Liquids & Gases

F Series

VT6 PTFE Needle Valves

A Series

P, PX Meters-ds.pdfS Meter-ds.pdfT, TX Meters-ds.pdfOptical Switch-ds.pdfF Meter-ds.pdfG Meters-ds.pdfL Meter-ds.pdfxV Meters-ds.pdfM Meter-ds.pdfAcrylic Rotameters-br.pdfKits-ds.pdfVB Barstock Valves MFV-ds.pdfVB Barstock Valves CV-ds.pdfVT6 Needle Valves-ds.pdf

VT PTFE Needle Valves - CVT


VT Needle Valves-ds.pdf

VT PTFE Precision Valves - MVT


VT Barstock Valves MVT-ds.pdf

PX Series

P, PX Meters-ds.pdf

 TX Series

T, TX Meters-ds.pdf

V - Medium Series

V Medium Flow-ds.pdf

V - PTFE Series

V PTFE-ds.pdf