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PD Flow Meters


Analytical Calibrators Dosing Flow Level LVDT & ADT Mixers Panel Displays Pressure Sludge Control Steam & Water Temperature About Us

720 Series

Fast Response Temperature Switch

700 Series

Temperature Switch

Best in class accuracy of ± 0.5%

            and high humidity

            with tamperproof adjustment

588 Series

Gas Flow Transmitter / Switch

EMPHASIS Assessed – Smart Instrument

Delta Switches undergoing radiation testing

            (TID) of 17.82 MRads at a rate of 0.25 MRads/hr using Cobalt 60

             gamma rays to achieve the end-of-life condition expected after

             being exposed to both normal and accident conditions.

LOCA / HELB Accident Simulation

            were subjected to a HELB (High Energy Line  Break) / LOCA.

            for 3 hours at 550KPa abs, and 160°C for 6 hours and

            24 hours at 120°C with saturated steam.

Seismic Qualification

            tested using the random multi-frequency (RMF)

            test requirements of Standard IEEE 344-1975/1987 and were

            subjected to tri-axial RMF test levels as shown

            below, and also to the spectra as defined in the RCC-E Code

Nuclear Product Qualification

Nuclear Temperature Instruments

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Delta Mobrey offers a comprehensive range of qualified and tested pressure,

temperature, level and flow measuring instruments for the nuclear industry