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PD Flow Meters


Analytical Calibrators Dosing Flow Level LVDT & ADT Mixers Panel Displays Pressure Sludge Control Steam & Water Temperature About Us



200 Series

Pressure Switch

Best in class accuracy of ± 0.5%

300 Series

Differential Pressure Switch

Best in class accuracy of ± 1%

588 Series

Gas Flow Transmitter / Switch

EMPHASIS Assessed – Smart Instrument

The Transmitter is SIL 1 level certified

Delta Switches undergoing radiation testing

LOCA / HELB Accident Simulation

Seismic Qualification

Nuclear Product Qualification

Bespoke Instruments

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Delta Mobrey’s own design of

hermetically sealed microswitches

has been tested and passed the

DBE LOCA event after thermal and

radiation aging.


A number of different connectors have been tested on our products including the Harting 7D, the Souriau 8N45S and the EGS Quick Disconnect Connector [QDC].


All wires used are Habia with radiation resistant sleeving.


Delta Mobrey’s all stainless

steel construction provides the highest quality enclosures for all

the Nuclear Qualified products.

Delta Mobrey offers a comprehensive range of qualified and tested pressure,

temperature, level and flow measuring instruments for the nuclear industry

Nuclear Pressure Instruments

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