Solids Monitoring & Control
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Ultrasonic Solids & Monitoring Control

MSM400 Controller

To run at your full potential and maximize process control, you need reliable level instrumentation throughout your facility.

The Mobrey MSM400 system continuously monitors the suspended solids or sludge density contained in, or flowing from,

a clarifier or settlement tank during de-sludging. Many years of practical experience have shown that measurement of

ultrasonic attenuation in a slurry is directly proportional to the percentage of suspended solids.

The MSM400 system uses this principle to produce a digital display of the suspended solids measurement.

                                                            - Continuous sludge discharge monitor for up to 50% suspended solids

                                                            - Rugged 316 stainless steel sensors for in-tank mounting

                                                            - Choice of flanged pipeline sensors for in-line density measurement

                                                            - Blanket level detection for primary and secondary sludge and industrial slurries

                                                           - Gives a bright and clear indication of the measured value in poor light conditions

Mobrey MSM400-ds.pdf

MSM400 - case study 1

MSM400 - case study 2