Pressure Gauges
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Pressure Gauges

GG Range

Industrial Service Pressure Gauge

DG Range

Diaphragm Operated

Differential  Pressure Gauge

DB Range

Double C-Bourdon Tube

Differential Pressure Gauges

SG Range

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

GS Range

Solid Front Safety Pattern

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Utilising their considerable experience of providing high quality instrumentation solutions to the worldwide process industry,  Delta Mobrey offers a comprehensive range of instrument gauges.

They produce a wide range of all stainless steel local indicators for Safe or Hazardous areas as well as associated accessories.

• Full compatibility to NACE standards      • Bourdon tube gauges Open or Solid Front for medium and High pressures up to 1,000 bar as standard      • Differential pressure gauges

Capsule and Diaphragmtypes for low and medium pressure      • Bimetal and Gas expansion temperature gauges up to 600 degrees Celsius as standard

• All thermowells can be manufactured using ASME PTC 19.3 stress calculation in an extensive range of exotic materials      

Chemical/ Diaphragm seals for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochem and food industry applications

• A full range of accessories are available - electric contacts, over-range protectors, snubbers, pigtail siphons, thermowells

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