Analytical Measurement
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MJK Automation was established in 1977 as manufacturer

of measurement and control equipment for water works,

sewage plants and industries worldwide

Analytical Measurement

PHIX Compact

pH Measurement

pHix® Compact's integral design includes electrodes, fittings, cables and transmitter built together in one unit, eliminating problems associated with bad cable connections or leaky fittings.

Electrodes can be changed without the use of tools and there is no wiring to install

back to the transmitter

Common problems such as ground

loops are eliminated


Turbidity & Suspended Solids

For measuring sludge concentration in waste water plants and turbidity at waterworks.

The MJK SuSix® sensors’ 6 optical windows and its patented measuring system delivers measurements from turbidity in clean drinking water to suspended solids in heavy sludge, all from only one sensor model.

The ranges covered in turbidity are 0,001 to 9999 FNU / NTU / FTU and suspended solids in the range from 0,001g/l to 400 g/l.


Dissolved Oxygen

Oxix® Dissolved Oxygen measurement Transmitter is developed to measure dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater processes. The optical sensor has no consumable parts like membranes or chemicals, and the optical sensor is almost maintenance free. When the sensor’s built in tubing connection is connected to a valved air or water line, a regular flushing of the optics can be controlled by the converter

No other dissolved oxygen system can compare with the features and benefits of this

revolutionary design.



The logged measurements can easily be transferred as a CSV file to a PC using the

built-in USB port. This allows easy

spreadsheet data analysis.

The Converter has a 4-20mA output, two relays for control or alarms, and a digital input for automatic range changes and more calibration curves. Alarms are also indicated as pop-up menus and stored in the converter’s alarm log.

The display is configured by the operator so only the relevant data are indicated with an option to name the display with a site tag name or number.

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MJK Analytical Transmitters can operate as

stand alone units or in networked solutions