pH, ORP, Conductivity
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Dosing Systems

LMI Controllers

PH, ORP, Conductivity

DC 4000 - Conductivity Controller 0-20,000 µS

DC 4500 - Conductivity Controller for Cooling Tower & Boilers, 0-20,000 µS

DP 5000 - pH Controller, 0-14 pH Scale

DR 5000 - ORP Controller, +/- 2000 mv

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DM 7000

Multi-Parameter Controller

This single controller combines all the application functionality of the four standard controllers: DC4000, DC4500, DR5000 and DP5000.

The DM7000 Series is fully equipped and ready to control your boiler, cooling tower,

pH and ORP applications out of the box.

LMI Connect, Smart Monitoring Service, allows real-time remote system access from desktop or mobile device


Touch Series

The TOUCH series is a multifunction controller and management system. The touch screen and an internal timer allows the operator to allocate each auxiliary output according to the

system requirements thus creating full customisation.

TOUCH series can be considered a Central Management unit

for Industry, Water Systems, BMS (Building Management Systems) and Domotic applications.

It has a high level of  performance in terms of management

and functions and is easy to operate as it uses the

same concepts as the latest smart equipment.

CTRL Series

CTRL is a compact controller with many functions which make the unit extremely versatile - from the simple price effective controller to a sophisticated unit in terms of functions.

Some models within the CTRL series allow external

management to complement system requirements

to obtain effective control of other equipment

included in the system.

CTRL EC Series for Cooling Towers

CTRL EC COOL is a compact controller for cooling towers.

It is specially designed for cooling water treatment and

blow-down operations, air scrubbers and humidifiers of

any industrial air-conditioning systems.

The controller integrates other process equipment such as:

a range of Conductivity sensors (according to measuring range) and versatile control options for flow meters,

blow-down solenoid or flap valves.

Pool Controllers with Peristaltic Pumps

CTRL Pool Series


FWT® is pleased to introduce a new system for small swimming pools comprised of controllers and peristaltic dispenser featuring various functions for continuous measurements and different levels of operating modes and programming procedures

CTRL POOL is a compact system, with single controller and a peristaltic dispenser all integrated in one enclosure.

CTRL+ POOL is a multifunction compact system, with single controller and a peristaltic all integrated in one enclosure.

CTRL2 POOL is a compact system, with dual controller and two peristaltic dispensers all integrated in one enclosure.

CTRL2/6 POOL is a multifunction compact system, with dual controller and a peristaltic all integrated in one enclosure.

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