Panel Meters & Controllers
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Panel Meters, Displays & Controllers

Data Loggers, RTU, I/O, Modbus

Zen Datalogger

16 Channel Datalogger with SD Card

            Potentiometer, Frequency and more


Expansion for the Zen Datalogger


Relay I/O with Modbus / RTU


6 Channel Remote Terminal Unit


Universal Input Indicator

LPI610 4-20mA Loop Powered

No power supply required!

LD-PRC Process Controller

4-digit Large Display

            with 4–20mA Or 0–10V DC inputs.

PRO-PRC Process Controller

Quad Channel 0/4-20mA

            or in conjunction with another             instrument (Eg, transmitter).

TEX-BAR Process Controller

Graph Display : 0/4-20mA or 0-2/10V

LD-UAC Controller

Universal AC (0-5A AC or 0-300V AC)

            current or frequency in a wide             variety of applications.


Flow Rate Totalizer: 0/4-20mA Input

TEX-CTR10 Counter/Rate Indicator

NPN, PNP, TTL, Namur, Tacho or Closed Contact

            0–10V output.

PRO-CTR200 Controller

Counter/Rate Batching

TEX-DEW200 Controller

Humidity/Temperature for Wet/Dry Bulbs, 2x RTD PT100

            humidity applications.

PRO-RTD Controller

Quad RTD PT100Ω (Pt385/392/ CU10)

PRO-TC Controller

Quad Thermocouple (J/K/N/R/T Type)

PRO-WEI100 Loadcell Controller

4/6 Wire Strain Gauge


AC Current Sensors


High Voltage Attenuator

1-Gas discharge tubes provide the first stage

2-Transient voltage supressors provide the second stage

Multicom Converter

USB RS232/485/422

            RS232 to RS485/422

            external power adaptor.


24V Power Supply

            4-20ma 2-wire loops


Overvoltage Protection Unit

Signal Conditioners

TM-4DPI 4-Wire Isolated Transmitter

Universal Input, 4-20mA or 0-10V Output

TM-2DLI 2-Wire Isolated Transmitter

Universal Input, 4-20mA Output

Sentry Trip Amplifier

The Swiss Army knife of trip amplifiers!

Javelin 2-Wire Isolated Transmitter

Loop powered, isolated transmitter.

Load Cell / Strain Gauge

PRO-WEI100 Controller

Loadcell, 4/6 Wire Strain Gauge

SC-WEI Loadcell Signal Conditioner

4/6 Wire Strain Gauge

Zen IoT Edge Processing

Interface 4x isolated universal inputs,

2x non-isolated 4-20mA inputs – expandable IO

Twin Link Wireless Analog Signal Transmitter Receivers

Easily Transmit Signals up to 2.5 miles* [sold as pair]


Merlin-ds.pdf PRO-PRC ds.pdf TEX-BAR-ds.pdf LPI 610 ds.pdf LD-PRC ds.pdf LD-UAC ds.pdf TEX-TOTAL-ds.pdf TEX-CTR10-ds.pdf PRO-CTR-ds.pdf TEX-DEW200-ds.pdf PRO-RTD ds.pdf PRO-TC ds.pdf PRO-WEI100-ds.pdf Sentry - ds.pdf Javelin ds.pdf TM-2DLI ds.pdf TM-4DPI ds.pdf PRO-WEI100-ds.pdf SC-WEI-ds.pdf ZEN-IoT-ds.pdf P2P Twin Link ds.pdf ZEN-DataLogger - ds.pdf ZEN-RTU-ds.pdf RIO-MOD-RTU ds.pdf ZEN-RIO ds.pdf AC Sensors ds.pdf HVA-1000-ds.pdf Multicom ds.pdf PSU-24 ds.pdf OVP-100 ds.pdf

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