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Delta Mobrey offers a comprehensive range of qualified and tested pressure,

temperature, level and flow measuring instruments for the nuclear industry

Delta Mobrey has served the nuclear industry in the UK since the first nuclear reactors were designed and built over 55 years ago.

A specialist in pressure, temperature, level and flow sensors, Delta Mobrey has provided a range of generic and bespoke instruments to the industry across all the UK Nuclear Fleet including Magnox, AGR, PWR and DFR and PFR

Delta Mobrey has also worked in the worldwide nuclear industry for over 40 years with projects in China, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, the USA, Canada, India and Spain on PWR, BWR and CANDU reactor types. Our products are used within containment, in the nuclear island, in safety shut down applications, critical areas of process control, alarm and general process monitoring

Product Qualification

Instrumentation used in Nuclear Power Plant may be required to survive seismic and radiation exposure of different severity levels depending on the location in the plant and the application. Delta Mobrey’s products meet the RCC-E and IEEE Class 1E requirements for seismic and radiation endurance. Tests details are available and are also summarised in the Instrumentation for Nuclear Applications Brochure available as a download here. Many products also meet SIL 2 requirements and numerous international Hazardous Area approvals

Bespoke products

Delta Mobrey have also developed bespoke products for our customers whenever a technical solution cannot readily be found ‘off the shelf’. Our team of Engineers is ready to discuss your exact requirements to ensure the product you need for your application is correctly specified and supplied

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720 Series

Fast Response Temperature Switch

Delta Mobrey has optimised the design of this product to react very

quickly to temperature change and can provide fast early warning of

possible problems in the plant. This model consists of a

sensing element manufactured from thin walled copper tube

filled with a volatile fluid. By keeping the length to diameter ratio high,

the surface area of the sensing element is maximised achieving a

faster response to temperature changes than more traditional types.

700 Series

Temperature Switch

            and high humidity

            with tamperproof adjustment

588 Series

Air Flow Transmitter / Switch

EMPHASIS Assessed – Smart Instrument

Delta Switches undergoing radiation testing

            (TID) of 17.82MRads at a rate of 0.25MRads/hr using Cobalt 60

             gamma rays to achieve the end-of-life condition expected after

             being exposed to both normal and accident conditions.

LOCA/HELB Accident Simulation

            were subjected to a HELB (High Energy Line  Break) / LOCA.

            for 3 hours at 550KPa abs, and 160°C for 6 hours and

            24 hours at 120°C with saturated steam.

Seismic Qualification

            tested using the random multi-frequency (RMF)

            test requirements of Standard IEEE 344-1975/1987 and were

            subjected to tri-axial RMF test levels as shown

            below, and also to the spectra as defined in the RCC-E Code

Nuclear Product Qualification

Nuclear Instrumentation

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