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Magflux 7100

PTFE / PFA liner

Suitable for high temperatures and resistant to corrosive chemicals

            1,000m from sensor

            Option of SS304/316

Magflux 7200

Hard Rubber liner

Suitable for general water use

including slurries

            1,000m from sensor

            Option of SS304/316

Gel Potting Kit

IP68 Protection

Can withstand constant

Submersion in water

[Max 10m water column pressure]

If there is a risk of the flow meter

being submerged in water due to

 flooding, the Magflux flow sensors

can be potted for IP68 protection


The products in the MJK instrument range communicate with each other and

share a display via a network connection.

The display has a built-in data logger with 360,000 logs, which can be shared between connected instruments.

If you link a communication module to the display, you can transmit measurements

to a PLC or SCADA system with Profibus

or Modbus communication.



ma-BUS Converter

Electro - Magnetic Flow Meters

MagFlux® 7200 br.pdf