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The very best Linear and Angular Displacement and

 Linear Velocity Transducers in the business



Gauging LVDT’s

Linear Velocity

210-220 Series

Ranges from 0.25” - 60”

230 Series

Ranges from 0.005” - 2”

280 Series

Ranges from 0.05” - 2”

290 Series

Ranges from 0.05” - 6”

430 Series

Ranges from 0.01” - 1”

200 Series

Ranges from 0.05” - 0.2”

240 Series

Ranges from 0.05 - 4”

500 Series

Ranges from 0.25” - 20”

310-320 Series - ac

Ranges from 0.25” - 10”

330 Series - ac

Ranges from 0.005” - 1”

350 Series - dc

Ranges from 0.05” - 3”

Ideal applications for these transducers

 are seismology, hydraulic ram speed,

 drilling rate, and any other application

 where an instantaneous velocity

measurement is required.

Benefits of LVDT Technology -

Infinite resolution, infinite life, no loss of position upon power down,

Can operate in harsh environments.

ADT’s - Angular Displacement Transducers

600 Series

These transducers do not have the edge

 effects and dimensional instability

 characteristic of traditional capacitive devices.

 Ranges from ±30º to ±60º

Non-linearity < 0.05%

DC Voltage Operation

Absolute Measurement

605 Series

The 605 is an absolute rotary position

 transducer based upon differential

capacitance. It has been designed to provide a

 simple means of inputting angular position

into analogue or digital systems.

Ranges from 12º to 300º

Non-linearity < 0.25%

DC Voltage/4-20 mA Output

3 KHz Frequency Response

607 Series

The Optical Encoder and Counter Display

 system provides precision feedback and

 readout of shaft angular displacement

over the full 360° revolution.

Displays Full 360˚ Working range

Binary-Coded-Decimal (BCD) Output

0.05˚ Accuracy and 0.05˚ Resolution

Speeds to 3,000 RPM

Analog +/-5 VDC Output

USB Output


D100 Series Power Supply

The Series D100 power supplies are regulated,

preset voltage sources, ideally suited for

DC excited transducers, discrete

and IC function modules.

All components are encapsulated to provide

reliable continuous operation to rated specifications in laboratory and factory environments.

Compatible with DC LVDTs and ADTs

High Regulation

Short Circuit Protected

Compact Package


1000 Series

Works with 5 and 6 wire LVDTs

DC Voltage or 4-20 mA Output

Internally Regulated

High Frequency Response

ED Series

Works with 5 and 6 wire LVDTs

DC Voltage Output

Internally Regulated

Small Size and Low Cost

P010 OEM Series

Works with 5 and 6 wire LVDTs

DC Voltage Output

Internally Regulated

Small Size and Low Cost

M1003 Transducer Indicator

The Model 1003 Transducer Indicator provides complete electronic support to AC and DC LVDT’s,

or other DC powered transducers.

It also features a continuous analogue output for use as an input to a control process or A/D converter.

 Optional RS232C Serial output is offered for direct connection to PC based data acquisition systems, eliminating the need for external signal conditioning.

Supports AC and DC Transducers

4 Independent Setpoints

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