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Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Shuttle Level Transmitter

Shuttle® is an advanced microprocessor based ultrasonic level meter with an intelligent, precise measuring system utilizing the latest hardware

and software technology.

It is mainly used in wastewater wells, sewer wells and drinking water reservoirs. Shuttle is also used to measure water levels in harbors, canals etc.

CE & UL Approved

Shuttle Ultrasonic Sensors

570 Standard Sensor

Range : 6m solids, 15m fluids

Temperature : -20 to +60C

IP68, 1 bar max


CE Approved

660 Chemical Sensor

Range : 5m solids, 10m fluids

Temperature : -20 to +60C

IP68, 1 bar max


CE Approved

Hydrostatic Transmitters

Expert™ Hydrostatic Submersible Level Transmitters are developed to deliver stable and exact level measurement - even in very harsh environments. Expert™ works flawlessly with a minimum of maintenance

Range : 0 - 100m [300m option]

CE, UL, ATEX Approved

Hydrostatic Level Measurement

Shuttle-br US Level.pdf Expert-br.pdf

On - Off Level Control

Use MJK Ultrasonic sensors with MJK Shuttle level transmitters, flow converters and pump controllers

Pump Control

701 Controller

Pump Controller 701 is a compact unit for level control of 1 pump and 1 alarm or for

2 pumps in alternating service

704 Controller

The 704 Pump Controller can be used to control up to 4 pumps

or valves between adjustable levels. Functions for control, alarm, indication and flow calculation are selectable

501 Level Relay

The Electrode Control 501 is a simple andlow cost system for the control of level. The system includes a level relay for DIN-rail mounting combined with a range of different level electrodes

501 Level Switch

The Electrode Control 501 is a simple, low cost and reliable system for the control of level in conductive liquids. The system consists of a level relay for DIN rail mounting combined with a range of different level electrodes

7030 Float Switch

Float switch 7030 belongs to a new generation of float switches where mercury switches have been replaced with up-to-date environmentally friendly materials for accurate and reliable level switching

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