Level Control
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On - Off Level Control

Pump Control

701 Controller

The 701 is used with a

Hydrostatic piezo resistive Level

transmitter and cable bracket

or as a separate unit.

For control of 1 pump and 1

alarm or for 2 pumps in

alternating service.

704 Controller

The 704 is used with either an

Ultrasonic sensors or a

Hydrostatic piezo resistive

Level transmitter. Used to

control up to 4 pumps or valves

between adjustable levels.

501 Electrode Level Control + Relay

The 501 level relay with electrodes are most commonly used as a simple

safety device providing level alarms in case  of water leaking on floors with

no constant monitoring. The 501 provides an alarm signal based on the

conductivity in the liquid thereby securing the important electronics or

non-submersible pumps. Some waste water plant also uses 501 as an

additional security device providing alarm signals or starting pumps

based on the 2-4 electrodes in individually adapted lengths.

7030 Float Switch

The 7030 Float switch is most

commonly used in waste water

pumping stations and sewage

treatment plants. In case of

heavy sludge layer the float

switch will work submerged

with the counterweight.