Chemical Dosing Pumps
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Simple. Economical. Rugged.

Efficient design for low-pressure, high-output Chemical dosing applications.

G Series Chemical Dosing Pumps

GA Series

170 LPH

12 bar

Manual control

Life lubrication

Thermoplastic housing

 reinforced by glass fibre


GM Series

500 LPH

12 bar

Manual control

Life lubrication

Aluminium alloy housing


GB Series

1200 LPH

10 bar

Manual control

Oil bath lubrication

Cast aluminium housing



Motor Speed Control for GA & GM

 Seven operating modes:

manual speed,

 proportional speed in automatic mode,

 frequency variation in manual or

 automatic mode,

pulse, batch metering, calibration


7.6 LPH

17.3 bar

Every pump comes standard with FASTPRIME™ liquid ends. If pumping off-gassing liquids, select the (optional) AUTOPRIME™ liquid end. High-viscosity liquid ends (optional) are also available for pumping high viscosity liquids.


68.1 LPH

12.1 bar

All three configurations of EXCEL XR  pumps – Manual, Enhanced, and Communications – also address the process control requirements of a wide range of applications including water and wastewater treatment, agricultural, chemical, oil & gas; power generation, pulp & paper, and textile industries.

B & C Series

B Series - 26.5 LPH, 2.07 bar

C Series - 76 LPH, 1.7 bar

An industry standard for over 20 years, the Series B Chemical Metering Pump is a rugged, reliable choice for the harshest environments.

With a variety of models and options available, you have full flexibility to control stroke length and frequency, pressure capacity,

pulse / 4.20 mA inputs and more.

PD Series

7.6 LPH

30.6 bar

Introducing the new PD Series Chemical Metering Pump: designed specifically for industrial water treatment applications. The new PD Series metering pump adds advanced technology to one of LMI’s most popular pumps. Available in two models, Manual and Enhanced, the PD Series pump fits seamlessly into your water treatment process while adding convenience and value to your application.


0.009 ml/hr - 2.14 LPH

50 bar

Dynamic Stiffness Diaphragm

The performance of a plunger

 metering pump, the safety of a

 hydraulic diaphragm metering


E Series - ATEX

76 LPH

20.7 bar

Built with a rugged urethane coated cast housing, the E7 Series is designed specifically for hazardous environments and remote use. It meets or exceeds all standards for Class I, Division I, Groups C and D; Class II, Division I, Groups E, F and G.

J Series - 12 VDC

7.6 LPH

9.7 bar

The battery-operated Series J5 12VDC Chemical Metering Pump offers the same superior features of LMI’s premium line pumps, with the added advantage of remote location operation – no AC power needed.

P Series

12.1 LPH

17.3 bar

Ideal for OEM’s

Fast prime head

External controls (depending on model): by pulse, by 4-20 mA signal, by low level detector, remote on/off, etc.

U Series

4.8 LPH

5.5 bar

Economical dosing

Dual manual control

Large Capacity Dosing Pumps


330 LPH simplex

660 LPH duplex

207 bar

Setting the worldwide industry standard for

critical process control

It’s not unusual to find mROY metering pumps still operating at design performance after 20 or more years of service.


1,100 LPH

28 bar

MAXROY series is a rugged, industrial grade of metering pumps. Its cast iron housing with chemical resistant coating enables the pump to be used in the harshest environments.


1,200 LPH

700 bar

The Poweroyal positive-displacement reciprocating pump provides outstanding performance in demanding conditions. Ideal for high-pressure/high-volume applications, the pump has been designed for maximum performance in minimal space.